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Hard cider is fermented apple juice. The most popular beverage in North America until the mid-nineteenth century, hard cider is enjoying renewed popularity especially in the apple growing regions of the United States. Hard cider comes in many styles, with varying levels of dryness, alcohol and effervescence.

A good hard cider derives from a blend of different types apples, each with its own distinct character. Some are highly acidic while others are tannic, bitter or sweet. By combining many apples with different characteristics, cider makers achieve complexity.

The style of McRitchie Hard Cider is similar to that traditionally found in the Brittany region of northern France, a sharp, dry, brilliantly clear sparkling beverage. Our apples are handpicked at an orchard located in the Brushy Mountains of North Carolina. Each blend is selected from a variety of heritage mountain apples with the goal of creating a structured, elegant cider that captures the essence of a fresh picked apple. This is a true artisanal product of North Carolina.

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